SIMTEK Syringe Pump , Infutek 405

SIMTEK Syringe Pump , Infutek 405
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BrandSimtek Conditionnew Installation Not Required Warranty From Manufatcurer1 Years


SIMTEK Syringe Pump , Model Infutek 405



Convenience of Front Loading
Utility of Stacking
Drug Library
Allows at a Glance Visualisation of Drug Names, Volume Infused, Infusion Time & Flow Rate On LCD / LED Displays
Body Weight Rate Calculation
Bolus with Safety Time Lock
Adjustable Target Volume With Prealarm
Programmable to Accept Any Brand of Syringe
Automatic Rate Calculation with Volume and Time Limit
Upgradable to Double Loop PCA (Optional)
Impact Resistant Strong Cabinet to Protect the Equipment During Accidental Mechanical Impact


SYRINGES : 10, 20, 30, 50/60ML, 5ML(Optional), 100ML(Optional)
FRONT LOADING OF SYRINGE : Syringe size is automatically detected
ACCEPTABLE SYRINGES : All available standard brands of syringes. Custom Programmable to any brand syringe.
FLOW RATE RANGE : 0.1-999.9ml/Hr(Depending on syringe size)
BOLUS RATE & VOLUME : 300-999.9ml/hr(Depending on syringe size), Volume is Programmable by user
BOLUS INTERVAL : A minimum interval of time can be preset between two Bolus dose to avoid accidental over infusion , 1min to 24 Hrs.
KVO : To Prevent Needle Clogging With Programmable Kvo Rate
OCCLUSION : Low, Medium, High Levels
PUMP STACKING : Multiple Pump Stacking with Normal or Optional Single Power Cord. Facility of Stacking of 2-3 Pumps with built in Stacking Clips, ensures more useful group application & portability in & around the hospital premises.
BODY WEIGHT MODE : Delivery rate is calculated Automatically based on Volume & time preselection or on values entered for patient (Optional) bodyweight with drug parameters.
ALARMS : Occlusion , End of syringe, Low Battery, syringe displaced, No syringe, Wrong syringe, Pre Alarm for END, invalid rate, target Volume, Target Time, Target volume Pre-alarm, Mains Failure Alarm.
ACCURACY : Volume : +/-1%, Time : +/-1%
TIME LIMIT : Time from 00 : 01 to 23 : 59(hrs : min )or more if specially demanded
VOLUME LIMITS : From 0.1ml to capacity of the syringe.
POWER : 220VAC, +/-10%, 50/60Hz 12VA
BATTERY TYPE : Ni Mh, 12V, 1300 mAHr
BATTERY BACK-UP : 5-6Hrs(Typ. ) @5ml/Hr. Or more if specially demanded
BATTERY RECHARGING : 20Hrs. For full Charging
STANDARDS : Tested as per IEC 60601. 1 60601-1-2 60601-2-24
DISPLAY : Premium look with exclusive Blue Color Display (Only in Infutek 405 Ex)
RS485 / RS232PORT : For Computer Interface Central Monitoring Station (Only in Infutek 405 Ex)
PCA (Optional) : Upgradable to PCA with Double Loop Safety for PCA dose and time (Only in Infutek 405 Ex)


Payment Methods Accepted


Warranty :
  • From Manufatcurer
  • 1 Years



Product Specifications

Efficiency Level :
  • High

Power Supply & Battery

AC input voltage:
100-240 V
Battery capacity:
Battery type:

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