Single Channel ECG Machine

Single Channel ECG machine:- 

Single Channel ECG machine is a basic ECG device that prints a single ECG waveform /channel at a time. A single channel ECG machine contains one amplifier channel and one recording system. This type of ECG Machine's paper has space for only a single trace at a time. 

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1). BPL single channel ECG machine - BPL Medical is well trusted brand in medical industry. BPL Single ECG machine with features single channel ECG recorder, rechargeable battery, Rubber keypad with function keys and LED indicators, light-weight, compact, portability and one-touch operation etc. is one of the top choice of customers. 

2). Contec Single Channel ECG Machine - Contec is well trusted brand in medical industry and provide quality products at cheapest price. Contec Single lead ECG machine comes with features one touch operation, rechargeable battery supporting more than 50 patient examinations etc.

3). RMS Single Channel ECG machineRMS is well trusted brand in medical industry and provide quality products at cheapest price. Their ECG machines are made in INDIA. RMS Single lead ECG machine comes with features such as one touch operation for all 12 leads, automatic and manual modes, Last Patient’s ECG Storage etc.

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How much does a Single lead ECG machine cost?
Where can you buy a Single Channel ECG Machine online in INDIA?
What accessories are come with the Single channel ecg machine ?
Which are the best single channel ECG machine?( Updated in January, 2022)
RMS Vesta 101 single channel ECG test machine, Select by Model: Vesta 101 Single Channel
Free shipping
Save 34%
30,000.00 19,800.00
(Including tax)
In stock
ColorBlue and White
BPL Cardiart 108T DIGI ECG Machine, Single Channel, Select by Model: 108T DIGI
Free shipping
Save 35%
30,000.00 19,500.00
(Including tax)
In stock
AC input voltage110 - 120/220 - 240
CONTEC 100G Single Channel ECG Machine
Save 44%
45,000.00 25,000.00
(Including tax)
In stock
ColorWhite Product Dimension (mm)310mm×230mm×70mm Product Weight2.75kgKg
BPL Cardiart 6108T single channel ECG machine, Select by Model: 6108T
Free shipping
Save 41%
40,000.00 23,800.00
(Including tax)
In stock
ColorWHITE Product Weight2Kg AC input voltage100 - 240V
BPL Cardiart GenX1 , Single Channel ECG Machine, with Display, Select by Model: GENX1
Free shipping
Save 30%
50,000.00 35,000.00
(Including tax)
In stock
ColorWHITE,Black Product Dimension (mm) 300mm x 260mm x 80 mm Product Weight2Kg AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Single Channel ECG Machine Nidek 701
Free shipping
Save 24%
44,136.00 33,550.00
(Including tax)
In stock
Colorwhite Product Dimension (mm)300mm x 230mm x 72mm Screen Size 3.5Inch AC input voltage110 - 120/220 - 240
Technocare Single Channel ECG Machine,TM1
Save 59%
54,706.00 22,510.00
(Including tax)
In stock

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BPL  ECG Machine  6108T

BPL ECG Machine 6108T

In this video, we explain about BPL Cardiart 6108T including the most important ECG settings, overview, accessories, how to insert paper, how to operate and how to use BPL Cardiart 6108T ECG machine and more. BPL 6108T is one of the top-selling ECG machine.

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