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Speculum Description:

A speculum is a part of the surgical instrument that is used to widen any hole in the body to see inside and do the treatment. It's most commonly used in the examination of the female vagina.

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Speculum Uses:

A speculum is a gadget with duckbill form that doctors use to look inside a hollow portion of your body and diagnose or cure illness. A speculum is often used for vaginal examinations. It is used by gynaecologists to open the vaginal tract and inspect the vagina and cervix.

A speculum is also used in the treatment of the ear, eye and nose. The design of the eye speculum, nasal speculum and ear speculum could be different and they are small in terms of size.

Types of Speculum:

There are mainly four types of retractors, and it's important to know which one best suits your needs when shopping for one. Here's a quick reference guide to the various types of dressing available.

1. Vaginal Speculum: Vaginal speculum is used to examine the vagina. When the surgeon needs to check inside the vagina, a speculum widens the edges. A vaginal speculum is mostly used by gynaecologists. The vaginal spatula is also divided into 3 types in terms of sizes and number of blades. 

  • Pediatric Speculum: Pediatric vaginal speculum is used to examine children vaginas.
  • Pederson Speculum: Pederson vaginal speculum is used for sexually active teenage girls vagina examination.
  • Huffman Speculum: Huffman vaginal speculum is used for teenage girls vagina examination who are not sexually active.
  • Graves Speculum: Graves vaginal speculum is used for adult women vagina examination.

2. Nasal Speculum: Nasal speculum is used by ENT doctors to widen the nose hole for a checkup. It's a small speculum with 2 blades.

3. Ear Speculum: Ear speculum is used to inspect your eardrum and ear canal. Ear speculum is mostly funnel-shaped equipment. It's connected to an otoscope, lighted equipment that the doctor uses to examine the inside of your ear.

4. Aural Speculum: Aural speculum is used to do the anal examination. This is also a funnel-shaped speculum as an ear speculum. 

Speculums are also divided on the number of blade basis and handheld speculum and self-retaining speculum.

Buyer's guide and FAQs about Speculum.

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