Spirometer PFT machine


What is spirometer ?

A spirometer is a device that obtains information about how much air one is able to breathe in and out, as well as how long a person's exhales last. The spirometry test requires someone to breathe into a tube through which a spirometer machine measures respiratory effort. It is also known as a Lung Exerciser or Respirometer.

What is spirometry ?

The spirometry test is a simple way to assess lung function by measuring the amount of air people inhale, exhale and the speed at which they do this. A lung exerciser machine is used for Spirometry, which measures lung function.

How many types of spirometer are there?

  1. Electronic spirometer
  2. Incentive spirometer 
  3. Peak Flow Meter spirometer

What are the uses of spirometer ?

  • Spirometer use for diagnose diseases of the lung if you are experiencing symptoms of a problem, or your doctor feels you are at risk for developing lung disease.
  • Respirometer use for lung disease treatment.
  • It is use for Diagnosis of lung diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis etc.
  • For checking Lung function before planned operations
  • To evaluate the efficacy of medicines used by patients with pulmonary disorders.
  • To detect the effect of environmental pollutants on the lungs.




How do you use a spirometer to do breathing exercise for lungs ?

A Spirometer used to aid with lung health and lung capacity/strength. The Respirometer is most commonly used in conjunction with patients who have had a surgery that impedes lung function.
Follow the steps on how to use a spirometer and how it could improve breathing capacity:

  • Put your mouth around the mouthpiece of PFT machine.
  • Deeply inhale while lifting the three balls to their maximum elevation, and hold them there for at least three seconds.
  • Now, take out the mouthpiece and normally exhale.
  • Repeat this 5-10 times every two hours or as directed by your doctor.
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