SpO2 Sensor & Probe

What is spo2 sensor?
The relative SpO2 sensor is a red- and infrared-light sensor for tracking oxygen saturation. Because sleep apnea periods change oxygen levels in your blood, this measurement could help to detect the condition without an official sleep study.
Oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin respond to light differently. The sensor measures "the relative amount of light absorbed by hemoglobin and non-oxygenated (reduced) hemoglobin" and compares the amount of light emitted to light absorbed. This ratio is then converted to a percentage and that percentage is expressed as Sp02.

What is spo2?

The measurement, also known as saturating the oxygen, is the amount of hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood compared with the amount of hemoglobin that does not transport oxygen.
In hypoxemia there must be a certain oxygen level in the blood, or it will not work as effectively. Actually, very low SpO2 levels may lead to severe symptoms. Hypoxemia (low blood oxygen levels) can become hypoxia (low levels of oxyg
en in the tissue).

What is spo2 probe?

All the oximeter probes (including finger and ear probes) have light emitting diodes.(LEDs) shining through the tissue of two types of red light. The sensor collects the light transmitted by the tissue from the other side of the tissue.

The oximeter can determine which of the hemoglobin is present in the pulsating (arterial) blood and the SpO2 of the peripheral circulating blood can then be detected.

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