A stethoscope invented by Rene Laennec is valuable medical equipment for listening to a patient's heart beat or internal sound to diagnose their condition. During auscultation, the doctor listens to the patient's lungs and heart. The abdomen, of course, is an integral part of the process. When the sounds from a body are abnormal, it might indicate symptoms of some health problem. For example, sounds from the chest and back area might indicate that phlegm is building up in the body.

Parts of stethoscope:-

Even though you might be interested in a stethoscope with a specific feature or a low stethoscope price, all stethoscopes have the same basic construction and parts. Here are the main stethoscope parts to look out for.

The head or chest piece of most stethoscopes is made from a stainless steel metal and a combination of stainless steel and an aluminum alloy, which allows for good sound. A diaphragm on one side and a bell at the other are present in the common dual head stethoscope.
The diaphragm of the stethoscope is a thin, circular piece of flexible material that fits one side of the stethoscope's metal head.
This tube is used to transmit sounds from the body and damp or kill background noise that can interfere with diagnosis. When shopping for things like doctor stethoscope, be sure to search for a tube that is made of a thick and flexible material that will stand up to a lot of bending.
Ear tips:-
These tips are placed at the ends of a curved metal tube attaching to the rubber tube. The tips ought to fit comfortably into your ear and achieve a good stick so that the body sounds can be heard clearly as you pretend. Some stethoscope models offer interchangeable ear tips to make them fit and size.

Types of Stethoscope:-

The way the old good stethoscope worked has changed technology even. Before comparison with other stethoscope types, we explain below the workings of a traditional acoustic stethoscope.
When you listen to something with the acoustic stethoscope, you can detect more sound waves hitting your ears than what you would usually. In order for us to hear a noise, sound waves must cause vibrations in air molecules, causing the air to rapidly expand and contract as it make the air molecules in each of our eardrums vibrate. When you listen to the heart of a patient, you hear a chest gurgling, or when you listen to the stomach of a patient, you hear a sound made like the rattling of tin cans.
The rubber tube then channels these sound waves in a certain direction until it hits your ears. As opposed to standard earphones, which just go inside the ear canal, these earphones contain extra sound waves, which make the music clearer. Heart sounds seem louder live than through stethoscope heart sounds because the sound measurements in the chest are made not so close to the chest.
Electronic or digital stethoscope:-
The electronic stethoscopes take the physical vibrations of the sound, translate them into an electronic signal, and then optimize it for a better listening and diagnosis. In addition to simply raising the volume, some electronic stethoscopes can reduce background noise as well.
Stethoscopes for Hearing Impaired:-
There are several options available for physicians with hearing impairment. As described below, an amplified electronic Stethoscope will enhance the sound volume to make it more audible. You can use the stethoscope as normal if you don't wear hearing aids. If you use hearing aids, it's possible to use stethoscope and your hearing aids using special adapters known as stethomate tips.
If it's uncomfortable to wear a traditional stethoscope with your hearing aids, you can use a digital stethoscope to connect headphones. While you choose a large sufficient pair of headphones they should fit well with your hearing aids. You can purchase a transmitter which will transmit your sounds from a stethoscope to your hearing aids wirelessly depending on the brand of your hearing aid and digital stethoscope.
Littman stethoscope:-
Littmann stethoscopes are the names of the Professor of Medicine Dr. David Littmann of the Harvard University, who developed a new, lightweight stethoscope, double-frequency membranes that could capture low- and high-frequency sounds on either end. You can hear different frequencies based on the extent of the pressure. You can hear lower frequencies with light pressure and hear higher frequencies with steady pressures.



Uses of different Stethoscope

Cardiac stethoscope:-
In an effort to provide the highest quality cardiac assessment and most accurate possible diagnoses, these stethoscopes allow for distinguishing between the many variations in the heart, which results in a more accurate reading.
Pediatric stethoscope:-
A pediatric stethoscope looks exactly like an ordinary stethoscope except that the head is scaled down to an inch so that it is proportional to pediatric patients. There are also stethoscopes available for infants.
Veterinary stethoscope:-
If a medical professional is working with mammals besides, they might want to consider a veterinary stethoscope, which is specially designed to be used on popular pets such as dogs and cats.
Distinct stethoscope:-
This distinct stethoscope design features two tubes that extend directly from the chest stethoscope to the metal curved earpiece. The tubes are held together with metal clips, so they are securely bound. The dual barrel design aims to increase the quality of sound.

Lightweight stethoscope:-
Although the heaviest stethoscope typically exceeds 175-185 g, even the least of your neck's weight can be awful if you have back and neck pain—especially if it's a stethoscope you have to wear the whole day. Stethoscope Gold standard Littmann produces a pair of Lightweight and Select designs which are weighing 115-120 grams in the range of these medical professionals. Be aware that these lighter stethoscopes may not be as accurate as another model, since additional features or better construction often result in more weight.

Which stethoscope is best for you?

Today's best stethoscopes are manufactured by the Littman brand named after the physician Dr. David Littmann who found out that the stethoscope. The Littmann brand stethoscopes are made by the 3M Company. The great thing about these stethoscopes is that they can be properly maintained for a lifetime.
Stethoscope Littmann Cardiology IV - This high tech stethoscope represents a significant improvement in the standard acoustic stethoscope of history. It contains a chest piece in the form of a calyx with tunable diaphragms for a range of frequencies. It is designed specifically for professional medical use with the comfort of ear tips and many colors and styles.

Littmann Classic II stethoscope is consistently rated the top choice of nurses. It has also a tunable diaphragm to capture more low frequency sounds and has a rim and a bell that keeps patients comfortable during examinations. One advantage that has a pediatric side that easily converts to a traditional bell is its ability to be used by doctors and nurses in the practice of general and family practice.

Top manufacturer of Stethoscope in India.

Top manufacture of stethoscope in India:-

  • 3M Littmann Stethoscope
  • MDF instruments Stethoscope
  • prestige medical Stethoscope
  • American diagnostic Stethoscope
  • DR morepen Stethoscope
  • Rossmax Stethoscope
Price of stethoscope in India.

Specifications and design features can influence the cost of the stethoscope directly and which brand the customer wants to buy. The majority of stethoscopes in India cost about  INR 600 to INR 30k. A wide range of stethoscopes from leading manufacturers such as 3M Littmann, MDF stethoscope, Pulsewave, Rossmax etc. are available at discounted prices on Hospitalsstore. We are currently offering regular, cardiology, infant, pediatric and electronic stethoscopes.  Stethoscope, which can be ordered here from Hospitalsstore provides fast delivery.

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