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Suction Machine :

Suction machines are appliances that are used to remove substances such as blood, saliva, mucus, and vomit from a person's airway. A portable suction unit can prevent pulmonary aspiration and facilitate breathing. Suction machine , Suction Apparatus supplies include bacteria filters, collection canisters, and aspirator tubing kits. You can buy sction machine from our wide range of products from reputed manufactures . We offer lowest suctiom machine price with discounts and offers .  


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1. What is a portable suction machine ?


The Portable Suction Machines  are designed to be lighter in weight and easier to move. An aspirator is technically any suction device used to remove fluids from the body.Portable aspirators or suction devices allow tracheostomy patients the freedom to live life and not compromise their health care routine. The suction machines clear the airway through a sterile catheter connected to the main device and the surgically created soma on the patient’s neck.

suction machine


2. What are the cateria to buy Portable Suction Machine ?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a home aspirator or suction device:

  • Portability
  • Size of device
  • Weight of device
  • Ease of use
  • Required cleaning and maintenance routines.

3. What is suction tube ?

The Suction tubes are designed for removing small amounts of secretions from the nose, throat or ears. They are made of glass and are fitted to a suction pump. Near the angle the glass is blown into a bulb into which the secretion will run. Just beyond the angle is a small hole so that even though the pump is turned on no suction is created until this hole is closed by the finger. In order to clean the tubes, water is run through them and then the excess of secretion is cleaned out by attaching the tube to the compressed air apparatus. If this does not succeed, one may start suction and thus draw water through them until they are perfectly clean. These tubes are readily boiled and are more durable than one would suppose.

4. Why do we suction patients  or function of suction machine ?

The upper airway warms, cleans and moistens the air we breathe. Suctioning clears mucus from the tracheostomy tube and is essential for proper breathing. Also, secretions left in the tube could become contaminated and a chest infection could develop.


5. How long should you suction a patient ?

           After inserting the catheter the measured distance initiate suctioning as you retract the catheter in a sweeping motion. The maximum suction time should only be 15 seconds. After suctioning, re-oxygenate the patient.

6. What are Types of Suction Machine ?

         Commonly Used Suction Machine in Hospital are -:

7. How is suction created ?

The partial vacuum created, allows the earth's air pressure to force water up the suction hose (straw), and into the suction (inlet) side of the pump to replace the displaced water. When the water hits the rotating impeller, energy of the impeller is transferred to the water, forcing the water out (centrifugal force).



8. What are Different Parts of Suction Machine ?

The main parts of an electronic suctioning machine are a vacuum pump, bacterial filter, vacuum gauge, moisture or debris trap, a reservoir for aspirated material and a suction catheter .

9. Suction machine price in India ?

Cost of Suction Machine in India will be range from ( INR 10000 to INR30000 ) USD150  to USD450 as well as cost of mini Suction Machine will range from ( INR 5000 to 10000 ) .

10. Manufatures of Suction Machine ?

        There are lot of manufacturers for suction machines but here are some reputed Manufature of Suction Machine in India  : 

  • Anand surgical ltd 
  • Kera International ltd
  • S.I Surgical Corporation 
  • United Surgical Industries
  • Apex International
  • Hospitech Industries