Surgical Drapes

surgical drapes

The primary goal of draping the surgical patient is to help reduce the risk of surgical site infection by isolating the surgical site from the rest of the patient's body and non sterile regions of the OR table (SSI).Drapes can be reusable or disposable, and can be constructed of cloth or paper.  Operating drapes are used to create a physical barrier that prevents contamination of the surgical field.

Types of surgical drapes

There are three types of draping materials: cloth reusable drapes, paper disposable drapes, and disposable plastic adhesive drapes. Using disposable drapes allows the surgeon to cut any size or shape opening or fenestration in the drape.

Cloth reusable drapes- surgical drapes come in a variety of forms and performance qualities, and are comprised of either multiple-use or single use fabric. Reusable materials are made up of tightly woven fabrics and cotton that have been treated  with antibacterial agents before use.

Paper disposable drapes- Disposable drape sheets are made up of layers of tissues that are supposed to create an impenetrable barrier between a sterile area and the surrounding environment. They have been shown to improve results after invasive procedures and lower the danger of contamination to the patient.

Disposable plastic adhesive drapes- One technique for preventing surgical site infection is to employ plastic adhesive drapes to protect the wound from organisms that may be present on the surrounding skin during operation.

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Smith & Nephew Opsite Incise Drape |  Size-10cm x 14cm (XS) | Adhesive, Transparent and  Sterile Drape | Surgical Drape for Orthopaedic, Neuro surgery, Major abdominal, Plastic, Open Heart and Thoracic, Ophthalmic, Paediatric | Box of 10, Choose Size: 10 cm X 14 cm
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G Surgiwear Mayos Disposable Trolley Cover, Size: 1.2 X 0.66 m - Pack Of 50
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G Surgiwear Dental Tray Drape(Pack Of 20)
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