Tissue & Cell Homogenizer

Tissue And Cell Homogenizer :

A Tissue or cell homogenizer is used to break down or disrupt cells or tissues in a sample. Tissue homogenizer can be used for a variety of applications, including cell lysis, protein extraction, and DNA/RNA extraction.

Types of Tissue Homogenizer :

1. Handheld Tissue Homogenizer :

These tissue homogenizers combine a high-speed, high-torque motor with an included rotor-stator generator probe. 

2. Bead Mill Homogenizer :

These homogenizers are used for grinding, lysing, and homogenizing biological specimens before molecular extraction.

3. Bench Top Tissue and Cell Disruptor Homogenizer :

This tissue homogenizer is a high-speed, bench-top reciprocating instrument for optimal lysing of challenging and routine sample types. It is intended for use in applications that require grinding, lysing, or homogenization of various solid sample types. Sample types of tissue homogenizer may include the following human, animal, and plant tissues; living organisms, such as bacteria, yeast, fungi cells and more.

Buy Tissue and Cell homogenizer Machines from top Brands :

Choosing the right tissue homogenizer machine will boost your research, productivity and profitability. So online shopping is on your mind, then look no further than Hospitals Store to browse through the best brands like :

IKA Tissue Homogenizer : 

Ika tissue homogenizer products are famous among the pharmaceutical companies. The reasons for this is their high product quality and their reliability. Their tissue homogenizers are manufactured by using the most advanced technologies and are loaded with extraordinary features for optimum performance.

Their homogenizer machines offer many benefits on decent prices, such as Stepless speed control, wide range of speed and more.

Omni Tissue Homogenizer machines :

OMNI is known for their high quality tissue homogenizers. Their homogenizer machines are designed to handle a wide variety of tissue samples at a wide range of volume.  

MP Biomedical Homogenizer Machines : 

MP Biomedical high-speed tissue homogenizer machines are the ultimate in sample preparation, offering the ability to disrupt any tissue or cell in just seconds. They use in their products a high-speed linear motion to thoroughly break down any sample, making them ideal for a variety of applications. With simple design and easy operation, their tissue homogenizers are the perfect tool for any lab or research facility.

Servicebio KZ-III High-Speed Room-Temperature Homogenizer
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689,000.00 530,000.00
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AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Servicebio High-Speed Low-Temperature-30℃ KZ-III-FP Homogenizer
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1,159,000.00 906,000.00
Product Dimension (mm)500x365x370 Product Weight45Kg AC input voltage220 V AC
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Product Dimension (mm)235 x 158 x 140 Product Weight2.8Kg
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Product Weight1Kg
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Product Dimension (mm)545 x 410 x 845 Product Weight50Kg

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