Stress Test ECG (TMT )

What are a TMT machine /stress test ecg ?

Apart from being used for physical exercise, treadmills are also used constantly in hospitals as stress ecg or tmt machine. With TMT machine, TMT test is conducted. The treadmill ecg is to be used for patients taking these tests to reach optimum speed.

What are TMT/ stress test?

A stress test (TMT) is  performed on a treadmill during an ECG while you exercise. When you rest and are under the influence of an optimum physical pressure, the TMT test compares blood circulation in your heart.

The first step in TMT testing is the placement of electrodes on a person's chest by a technician or a nurse. The electrodes are then attached to the heart with additional wires in order to monitor and record its electrical functioning.
Prior to beginning the test, your heart rate will be measured using the electrocardiogram on paper. This is referred to as a resting ECG. The treadmill is then turned on at a slow speed to warm up for the first time. During the three minute intervals, the speed and incline of the treadmill are both increased in stages.
During the race, the ECG machine collects your blood pressure at the second minute of each stage. In most cases, stress tests like TMT typically last 90 minutes up until the whole thing is finished. However, the actual exercise portion of the test will be covered within 20 minutes. At this point, you develop uneasiness by doing the exercise; the TMT machine is stopped before you reach the target heart beat rate.


Why are you need TMT test ? 

The Treadmill stress test shall be carried out to determine the following conditions:-

  • To determine the function of your heart after a heart attack or angioplasty i.e. TMT test for heart.
  • To recognize a congenital heart condition such as a coronary artery disease (CAD), whereby the arteries are narrowed and diseased.
  • For detecting symptoms of repressed heart conditions like shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain and weakness.
  • To make a medical diagnosis of any abnormal heart rate caused by exertion during exercise.
  • To determine the efficiency of medications used to treat angina and myocardial infarction (myocardial perfusion scan).
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