Under Arm Crutches
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Under Arm Crutches

 What Is Crutch?
A crutch is used to help you overcome your physical handicap. It is a physical crutch used when one has a broken leg, or a close friend who is dependent upon you during difficult times. Medical crutches are used to help you walk when you're suffering from an injury.
The average maximum weight limit for crutches is between 150-300 pounds(68 kg-136 kg). Any person weighing over 300 pounds(136 kg) would greatly benefit from sturdier design, is more secure, and more durable products for the safety of the heavier user.

Why Are Crutches Used?
Crutch is much more commonly used for lower extremity injuries (a foot, ankle or leg) and neurological conditions. Crutch is used for injuries like:-
•    Achilles tendon ruptures
•    Fractured ankles.
•    foot fractures
•    Stress fractures
•    Leg fractures.
•    Sprained muscles.
•    Sprains
•    ACL injuries. 
These injuries are common and are regularly treated by a podiatrist. No matter the cause of the injury, crutches are a must for those who have injured their feet or ankle and can no longer move.
Are Crutches Hard To Use?
Making walking with crutches work takes some effort, but is not difficult. There are many videos on the internet which shows you how to use different gaits with your crutches, depending on whether you can put weight on your injured leg or foot.


What Are The Different Type Of Crutches?
How to Use Crutches?
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