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Ventilator Machine Description:- A ventilator is a machine that breathes for you or helps you breathe. It is also called a breathing machine or respirator. The ventilator Is attached to a computer with knobs and buttons that are controlled by a respiratory therapist, nurse, or doctor. Has tubes that connect to the person through a breathing tube. Explore a big collection of Ventilator Machine, ICU Ventilator.

A Ventilator also known as a respirator or breathing machine, is a medical device that provides a patient with oxygen when they are unable to breathe on their own. The ventilator gently pushes air into the lungs and allows it to come back out like the lungs would typically do when they are able.

What are the type of Ventilator ?
Modes of the Ventilator ?

 Assist/Control (A/C)

  • Breaths delivered by the ventilator control either volume or pressure 
  • Ventilator delivers the same measured breath every time
  • Breath can be initiated by the patient or the ventilator

     Spontaneous (SPONT)

  • Patient-initiated and sustained breathing
  • Ventilator controls oxygen amount, and pressure
  • Delivers flow and volume as needed to help the patient breathe
  • Patient can breathe at a continuous positive airway pressure

     Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)

  • Combination of set patient or ventilator initiated breaths delivered by the ventilator that control volume or pressure and the patient own spontaneous breaths.
Ventilator Breath Type

     Volume Control Ventilation (VCV/VC)

  • Mandatory breath
  • Can be used in either A/C or SIMV modes
  • Targets a specific lung volume during inspiration

      Pressure Control Ventilation (PCP/PC)

  • Mandatory breath
  • Can be used in either A/C or SIMV modes
  • Targets a specific pressure during inspiration

     Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV/PC)

  • Spontaneous breath
  • Can be used in either SPONT or SIMV modes 
  • Targets a specific pressure to achieve adequate tidal volume
Top manufacturers and supplier of  Ventilator
  • Dragger Medical
  • Allied Medical
  • Hamilton Medical
  • Spacelab Healthcare
  • GE Healthcare
  • Saire Medical
  • Maquet Medical
  • Penlon
  • Meditec England
  • Shenzhen Comen Medical
  • Mindray Medical  
  • Heyer Medical
  • Aeonmed Medical 
  • Medion Healthcare
  • Medisys Healthcare  
Components of the Ventilator ?

  Power source : 

The powe source consists of something to supply the gas which will be delivered to the patient, as well as the energy required to run the ventilator components. Thus, this category encompasses the gas supply system, the batteries and power source for the mechanical ventilator.


  • Gas blender
  • Gas accumulator
  • Inspiratory flow regulator
  • Humidification equipment
  • Patient circuit
  • Expiratory pressure regulator (i.e PEEP valve)


  • Sensors 

 Safety feature

  1. Filter
  2. Alarm 
  •  Input power alarms
  •  Control circuit alarms
  •  Output alarms (high/low conditions)     
What are Important specification point to consider when to buy ICU Ventilator ?
  • Should have facility for Invasive and Non-Invasive ventilation.
  • Microprocessor Control suitable for Pediatric and adult ventilation.
  • Electromagnetic Compatible Hinged arm holder for holding the circuit.
  • Should have built in touch color screen TFT display of minimum 10” or more for display of waveforms and Monitored value.
  • Should have inbuilt facility to upgrade with EtcO2
  • Automatic compliance and leakage compensation for circuit and ET Tube.
  • Should have facility of log book, for events and alarms with date & time.
  • Should have built in safety alarms for Airway Pressure High & low, Minute volume, High & low, power failure, Low oxygen, High Respiratory Rate, Air Source in-operable.
  • Should have inbuilt exhalation filter.
  • Compressor should be of same company inbuilt/ mounted with ventilator assembly.
  • Should have compatibility with existing central pipe line.
  • Quality Certification : Valid CE/BIS/US FDA
  • Demonstration of the quoted model is must, preferable on site. 
  • Nebulization assembly compatible with ventilator and circuit.
  • Should have interface facility.
  • Flow sensor-Should have life more than 1 year.
  • Expiratory Unit- Life should be more than 3yrs.
  • Data storage facility for at least 24hrs.
Where should we buy Ventilator ?

There are a lot of way for buying an Ventilator. In a old way, you can write to the manufacturer or you can contact to your nearest dealer to find out the options. but these are time consuming and expensive method. Now days Most common way to buy ventilator is online. You can buy Ventilator online from In this way, you can get fast delivery. Low best price and lot of product Models range and option to choose . 

Where can we find Ventilator service and repair services ?

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ICU Ventilator price in India ? 

The price of Ventilator are directly related to the specification and features of the Machine. And it also depend on the brand you want to buy . Normally range of Ventilator in India is a Rs. 400000 lakh to Rs. 15,00000 lakh.

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