Volumetric infusion pump

Volumetric Infusion Pump :-
                                         Volumetric infusion pumps are used to deliver intravenous fluid products to a patient safely and accurately. Various types of intravenous products, such as medicines, blood products and parenteral nutrition, can be delivered through the volumetric pump.
Plastic tubing is attached to an intravenous fluid bag that is threaded through the volumetric infusion pump; this tube is connected by intravenous access to the patient.Such types of volumetric pumps are configured by the nurse according to the instructions of the doctor to administer medication to a patient at a precise or titrated level.
The volumetric infusion pumps have monitoring sensors designed to protect the patient, such as a sensor that alerts if the plastic tubing produces air bubbles. Nurses monitor the patient's safe delivery of intravenous fluids or drugs.
The Volumetric pumps may inject controlled amounts of fluid or medicine into the flow by producing high and controlled pressure.
Volumetric Pumps operating mechanism :-
                                                         Most volumetric pumps operate through two general mechanisms: a mechanism of reciprocation or rotation. Engineers use positive displacement pumps, particularly in the chemical industry, for systems requiring pressurized fluids. Nonetheless, in small plants and factories you will find these kinds of pumps. Another classic positive displacement pump is the injection systems for engines.
Different between Volumetric Pumps and Syringe pumps :-
Volumetric Pumps :-These devices are used for large amounts of medication being delivered. 
Syringe pumps :- Syringe pumps deliver small doses of high concentration medications over the course of a longer period of time.
Fresenius kabi Volumat Agilia Infusion Pump
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Fresenius Kabi Volumetric Pump ,  Infusia VP7
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SIMTEK Volumetric Infusion Pump, Infutek 500
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Product Dimension (mm)140mm x 150mm x 215mm Product Weight3Kg AC input voltage110 - 240 V
BPL Volumetric Pump - ACURA V1 with Drip Sensor
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Product Dimension (mm)167mm X 125mm X 115mm Product Weight1.8Kg Screen Size 3.2Inch AC input voltage100 - 240V
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Product Dimension (mm)214mm x 68mm x 124 mm Product Weight1.4Kg
Meditec England Volumetric Pump IP200
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Product Dimension (mm)240mm x 175mm x 80mm Product Weight1.8Kg Screen Size 3.5Inch AC input voltage100 - 240V
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Product Dimension (mm)188mm x 198mm x 228mm Product Weight2.2Kg Screen Size 4.3Inch
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Product Dimension (mm)174mm X 126mm X 215 mm Product Weight2.5Kg AC input voltage110-230V
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Colorwhite,blue AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Beyond  bys-820 infusion pump, HD LCD display
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BATTERY CHARGING PERIOD16 hrs. automatic BOLUS FUNCTIONAuto Bolus, Purge Bolus BOLUS RATE FLOW10 to 900mL/Hour -Adult, 10 to 100mL/Hour – Micro BOLUS VOLUME 0.1 to 50mL CERTIFICATIONCE, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008
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