Walking Sticks

Walking stick:-
A walking stick is a tool usually used to help walk, help maintain a healthy posture. If you are unsure about your feet or have an injury or disability, a walking stick will support you to maintain balance. 

We sell various types of walking sticks such are:- 
  • Single Point - One point of the stick here remains linked to the ground. These sticks are adjustable for height.
  • Folding Sticks- It is useful to buy a folding stick as you can fold it quickly and hold it well. People who like traveling should go for it.
  • Tripod Stick- These sticks have three ground touch point which provide more balance and stability. These sticks are adjustable for height. 
  • Quad Stick-These sticks have four ground touch points. Quad sticks are also height adjustable. These are heavier and provide the user with better support as well.
  • Specialty sticks- There are many types of sticks, such as supporting rods for visually disabled individuals, seat sticks that can be folded into a mini seat, etc.
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