Wheel Chair

Invalid Wheel Chair KI - 228 Save
Rs.36,000.00 Rs.13,000.00 (Rs.15,340.00 inc tax)
Invalid Wheel Chair KI 229 Save
Rs.35,000.00 Rs.14,500.00 (Rs.17,110.00 inc tax)
Invalid Wheel Chair (KI 231) Save
Rs.47,000.00 Rs.19,900.00 (Rs.23,482.00 inc tax)
Invalid Wheel Chair (KI 232) Save
Rs.39,000.00 Rs.15,600.00 (Rs.18,408.00 inc tax)
Invalid Wheel Chair Motorized (KI 230) Save
Rs.130,000.00 Rs.109,000.00 (Rs.128,620.00 inc tax)
Karma Ergonomic wheelchair S-Ergo 125 Save
Rs.42,000.00 Rs.30,000.00 (Rs.35,400.00 inc tax)
Ergonomic wheelchair S-Ergo 305 Save
Rs.45,000.00 Rs.32,000.00 (Rs.37,760.00 inc tax)
Karma Ergonomic wheelchair S-Ergo 305 Save
Rs.38,000.00 Rs.32,000.00 (Rs.37,760.00 inc tax)
Rs.6,400.00 Rs.5,800.00 (Rs.6,844.00 inc tax)
Karma Manual Premium Wheel chair SM – 100.3 F22 Save
Rs.15,500.00 Rs.12,000.00 (Rs.14,160.00 inc tax)
Karma Manual Premium Wheel chair SM – 150.3 F16 Save
Rs.15,500.00 Rs.12,000.00 (Rs.14,160.00 inc tax)
Rs.37,000.00 Rs.31,000.00 (Rs.36,580.00 inc tax)

Description :- A wheelchair can be defined simply as a portable chair equipped with wheels and used as a reliable walking aid via wheels by a seated occupant to move from one place to another.A typical wheelchair comes in two variations, while the first allows the seated person to manually propel just by turning the rear wheels through their hands, or electric motor propulsion. Wheelchairs often have handles behind the seats that can be pushed to move the seated occupant from one place to another by different individuals.For the physically handicapped, there are many multi-purpose wheelchairs on the market that can be adjusted and maneuvered without any difficulty. And if there are spacing constraints in your house or work space, you can even find folding wheelchairs whose parts can easily be stacked over one another. 


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1. What is an WheelChair?

A wheelchair is a chair that is used when walking due to illness, injury or disability is difficult or impossible. To meet the specific needs of their users, wheelchairs come in a wide variety of formats. As seen with sports wheelchairs and beach wheelchairs, they may include specialized seating adaptations, individualized controls, and may be specific to specific activities. 

  Wheel Chair


2.Types of WheelChair?

  • Manually propelled wheelchairs
  • Powered wheelchairs


3. Parts and features of an WheelChair?

Knowing the parts and features of a wheelchair is important when you are a new wheelchair buyer.

  • Push Handle
  • Armrest
  • Full Length
  • Desk Length
  • Wheel
  • Brake
  • Caster Wheel
  • Fork
  • Heel Loop
  • Footplate
  • Footrest
  • Seat
  • Frame
  • Backseat




4. Accessories of WheelChair?

  • Backpacks
  • Oxygen carriers
  • Rim covers
  • Brake extensions
  • Trays
  • Pouches
  • Safety flags
  • Cup holders 
  • Seat cushions


5. Application and Use of WheelChair?

Wheelchairs are the medical industry's basic equipment and can be widely regarded as an integral part of hospital furniture and medical equipment. Wheelchairs are intended to be used by people for whom, due to injury, illness or disability, walking is impossible or difficult.In addition, people with back aches or difficulty walking or sitting often use a wheel bench with support and braces. People who are temporarily or permanently paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries or spinal dysfunction use wheelchairs for a variety of reasons.

6. Top manufacturers and suppliers of WheelChair?

  • Karma International
  • Anand Surgical
  • Sunrise Medical
  • GE Healthcare
  • Merits Health 


7. Important point to be consider when buying WheelChair?

Think carefully when buying mobility devices to ensure you are buying the best, most helpful options. Just as each person and their needs are distinct, wheelchairs vary in many aspects and features that could make a significant impact on your overall accessibility, utility, and satisfaction.

  • Body size, shape, and build
  • The underlying diagnoses and medical needs
  • Your lifestyle and habits
  • The lay of the land
  • Personal preferences and impressions 


8. What type of wheelchair is easiest to push?

Transport wheelchairs are also convenient easy to push wheelchairs, since they come with small wheels, one of the reasons to buy this type of wheelchair is so that the caregiver can effectively push the user without exerting too much energy with each push.


9. What are the different sizes of wheelchairs?

Typical wheelchair seat widths: Standard wheelchairs widths are 16″ (narrow adult), 18″ (average adult) and 20″ (wide adult). For children and small adult sizes as small as 8” are available. Adults with wider body frames can get seats from 28” and wider.


10. What is the price range of WheelChair in India?

Price of the wheelchair depend upon the feature of that the chair contains. Range of  the cost of wheelchair is  INR5000 to INR25000 in India.   


11. From where you buy WheelChair ?

             It is easy to buy the WheelChair or other Medical equipment  online rather than the offine. To purchase the WheelChair go to the www.hospitalsstore.com on online store for all the medical equipment.