Xray Machine

X- Ray machine:-

An X-ray machine is any machine that involves an X-ray. Modern X-ray can consist of an X-ray generator and X-ray detector.
Modern X-rays use an X-ray detector that is illuminated by a short X-ray pulse. X-rays are produced as a result of the interaction of tungsten nuclei that accelerate electrons which originate in the anode.
As a result of radiation, the X-ray beam is produced with a spectrum of X-ray energy that can be manipulated to be applied to different parts of the body.

Types of X-Ray machines:-

Portable X-ray machine:- Portable x-ray was a handy tool to diagnose and track patients in ICU, hospitals or nursing homes where there could be an impediment to their transfer to the radiological department. This device is good for low-volume or small-space start-up facilities.
No shielding of the walls is needed, making the transformers seem to be small and light. Portable X-ray systems can be put into operation with minimal construction costs.

Mobile X-ray machine:- One of the latest advances in digital radiograph is the rise of mobile digital X-ray systems. These devices enable users to carry the equipment into the healthcare facility itself. This solves the problem of imaging non-ambulatory patients who cannot walk and can't be moved easily.

Fixed X-ray Machine:- This type requires transformers of such size and output that they have to be installed in a room and provided with special electrical connections to the mains.

Digital X-ray machine:- Digital radiography is an advanced form of x-ray inspection that produces a digital radiographic image instantly on a computer. Digital x-ray is an X-ray imaging form, with digital x-ray sensors used rather than traditional photographic film. The Digital x-ray machine uses X-ray sensitive plates to capture data during the object examination, which are immediately transferred to a computer without the use of an intermediate cassette. The incident x-ray radiation is converted into an equivalent electrical charge and then a digital image through a detector sensor. All modern hospital X-ray machines such as dental X- ray machine, portable X-ray machine etc. are digital X-ray machines.


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